Since 2009, we have been promoting health, and wellness to the community of Valdez.

Our vision

Inspiring Valdez to live well.

Our mission

The Sound Wellness Alliance Network works collectively to affect real and sustainable change in the health and wellness of the residents of Valdez, Alaska. SWAN partners with the community to raise awareness, educate and deliver programming that is centered around individual and community well-being.


  • Eat Well
  • Move More
  • Live Socially Connected
  • Stand Mentally Strong

societal sectors

  • Health Organizations
  • City of Valdez
  • Education
  • Businesses
  • Faith Communities

We partner with Providence Valdez Medical Center to get a better  understanding of what it is our community needs, straight from the source.

Click the button below to review the statistics and results of our community health assessment.

SWAN's Objectives

  • Increase access to healthy food by working with local schools, senior center, food bank, restaurants and grocery stores to improve selection

  • Increase community knowledge of what is healthy food with cooking workshops and educational programs

  • Encourage locally grown produce from local greenhouses and community garden

  • Increase access to activity for everyone at every level of fitness by looking at current programs available and working with the community to create new ones to fit the need

  • Increase the use of local facilities by educating the public on what is available and how they can be used

  • Increase the awareness of local and group activities by creating a community calendar

  • Promote community engagement through existing opportunities and create new opportunities as the needs arise

  • Encourage and advertise opportunities for volunteerism

  • Work with local businesses to provide educational information they can distribute to their employees

  • Work with local school systems to encourage school age participation

  • Create a recognition system that rewards wellness initiatives for those in the workplace, school system and individual levels

  • Create opportunities for community engagement and social interaction across all sectors